Register Your Institutes

Become the most accessible Institutes in 5 easy steps:


Register and Manage your Institute Information.

  • Sign up and create online profile for your institute and centers.
  • Add Institute logo, subjects, batche information and other useful information.
  • Manage and update your information regarding Institute, centers, new batches date –time and other useful information.

Display Institute, Batches, Students Speak, Topers information to Students.

  • Add and display your Institute Top Rankers
  • Add student Testimonials
  • Increase your Institute Credibility

Online access to your study materials, Test papers

  • Display your test papers , study material online
  • Reach to large Student base
  • Increase your Credibility and become famous.

Establish Students Contact and grow your Institution.

  • Your Institute, batches information will display online and student can directly contact you.
  • Get direct access to the student in need
  • Bridge to fill gap between student reach to your Institute.

Advertise your Institution special offerings

  • Online Advertise banners for special offering.
  • Let students know your offerings and contact you.
  • Featured advertisement to get noticed quickly.

Coaching Registration