Indian scientist wins SCAR Medal 2014

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The SCAR Medal 2014 for International Scientific Coordination has been jointly awarded to  Indian scientist Rasik Ravindra alongwith Mahlon “Chuck” Kennicutt of US. They have been recognized for their collaborative and coordination roles in the science community. 

Dr Steven Chown (Canada) has bagged the SCAR Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research for his classical work in the field of biological sciences and biodiversity studies.

What is SCAR?

  • The SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) is, as the name suggest, the regulatory body of scientific research taking place in Antarctica. 
  • Established in 1958, its primary role is to initiate, develop and coordinate scientific research in the region.


  • SCAR Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research
  • SCAR Medal for International Scientific Coordination

The two medals are alloted once in every two years.

The Man

Rasik Ravindra has so far worked in various capacity..

  • As Director of ESSO-NCAOR
  • Vice-President of SCAR (2008-12)
  • Chairman of the Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFOPS)


  • India is one among the 31 full members of the organization.
  • Full Members are those countries with active scientific research programmes in Antarctica.
  • There also are 6 associate members (without an independent research programme as yet).
  • SCAR President: Jeronimo Lopez-Martinez
  • The SCAR Secretariat: 'Scott Polar Research Institute', Cambridge (UK).
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