About The Institute
Takshzila, the center of learning, is truly a place where 'learning' rather than 'teaching' is the core. And thus, we see ourselves as merely facilitators. And facilitate we do in style......

And the learning is not just limited to subject matter. At any given point you will find a passionate cricket match being played in the front courtyard, an engrossing carom match in progress, few students sharpening their chess skills in the sit-out area. And of course the studious ones are solving their doubts or cramming the Newspaper. No wonder students prefer spending most of their day at the center.

Takshzi la, Nalanda, Shantiniketan —the names conjures up an image of an open atmosphere of learning; a place where mentors nature the dreams of each student; where a mentor can be a friend who motivates one to aim for the best and can also be a critic who instills discipline. And their aim is to revive the tradition of these esteemed institutions.


CSAT 2014 Mock Test- 1

Exam Date : 03-05-2014

Exam Time : 11:00:00

Ques/Time : 80/120 min

50 Credits

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