Mark and Save for Revision

At we believe that everyone is unique and have their strong subject/topic and weak subject/topic. The subject that interests you, over period of time becomes stronger and without proper revision you tend to forget facts/concepts of subject in which you are not good at. What’s the way out.

Solution is proper revision on timely basis. The way you should revise will be discussed separately. But right now at we are giving you tool to revise smartly. Whenever you take tests at, at the end of test you go through the solution of each question. At revision time we have given option to "Mark and Save for Revision". If you think the question is important you should rate the question by just clicking number of stars. If question is very important rate it as ***** (5 stars), if question is least important rate it * (1 Star). If you feel question is already in your comfort zone don’t rate it. 

Review and save question

By just clicking the * (Star) mark it will save the question into your "Important Question" section. You can go to "Import Question" from my account section(right top corner) after login.

Erewise Important Question

All marked/saved as questions will appear in your “Important Question” section. 
You can search questions on following basis

Saved questions

  1. Rating: Choose the rating of question which you want to revise e.g. if exam is near you would have less time so you should be revising only 5 stars question.
  2. Subject: Choose the subject which you want to revise. 
  3. From date + To date: You can choose the questions which were saved between a time period. Ex: If you are appearing of UPSC Prelims in Sep 2014, then you should not be revising current affairs questions saved during Aug 2014 as question would have already been prepared by month of July 2014. 

Once search result appears, you can sort them on Subject basis by clicking Topic. Click on the question to view detail of the question. You can simply click on next and previous to view next question or previous question based upon your search criteria. Suppose you have searched by 5 star and Polity questions then in next and previous will show you next and previous question of 5 star rating from Polity. 

You can increase importance (stars) of question by clicking on the stars while you are viewing the detail of question in “Important Question” section.