Current Affairs, News & Facts of 05 Jan 2016

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  • RK Mathur sworn in as 8th Chief Information Commissioner


    RK Mathur sworn in as 8th Chief Information Commissioner

    Former Defence Secretary RK Mathur has been  sworn in as the eighth Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of the Central Information Commission by President Pranab Mukherjee. Mr. Mathur Will have a tenure of about three years i.e. till 2019 till he attains the age of 65 years.

    About RK Mathur

    62-year-old RK Mathur is a retired 1977 batch IAS officer of Tripura cadre. He had served as Defence Secretary for two years. He also had served as Secretary Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and Defence Production and Supplies

    Central Information Commission:

    Central Information Commission (CIC) was established in 2005, under the Right to Information Act. The Commission includes 1 Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) and not more than 10 Information Commissioners (IC) who are appointed by the President of India.

    Function :  To act upon complaints from those individuals who have not been able to submit information requests to a Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer due to either the officer not having been appointed, or because the respective Central Assistant Public Information Officer or State Assistant Public Information Officer refused to receive the application for information under the RTI Act.

  • Wipro appoints Abid Ali Neemuchwala as it's CEO


    Wipro appoints Abid Ali Neemuchwala as it's CEO

    India’s third largest IT exporter Wipro Limited announced the appointment of Abid Ali Z. Neemuchwala as the Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of the company. The company also appointed the current CEO T.K. Kurien as the Executive Vice Chairman. Both the appointments will be effective from February 1, 2016.

    About Abid Ali Neemuchwala :

    • Prior to this appointment Neemuchwala was working as the chief operating officer (COO) of the company since April 2015. Before joining Wipro, he was working with India’s largest IT exporter Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for 23 years. He had served as BPO CEO in TCS from year 2010 to 2012.
    • Abid Ali Neemuchwala brings with him rich experience in Business and Technology Operations, Process, and Consulting and his portfolio includes Business Application Services, Global Infrastructure Services, Business Process Servicesand Advanced Technology Solutions.
  • RBI imposes Rs. 1 crore fine on State Bank of Travancore


    RBI imposes Rs. 1 crore fine on State Bank of Travancore

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed a penalty of Rs. 1 crore on an SBI associate bank, State Bank of Travancore, for violation of some of its instructions.

    Cause of imposing monetary penalty :

    The monetary penalty has been imposed for violation of its instructions including reporting of data to Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC). Banks are required to report all such information with RBI, including classification of an account as SMA (Special Mention Accounts), on all borrowers having aggregate fund-based and non-fund-based exposure of Rs 5 crore and above

    Background :

    Prior to imposing the penalty RBI had issued a show cause notice to the bank for not having complied with the directions issued by the bank on submission of accurate data to the CRILC. After considering the bank's reply, information submitted and documents furnished, RBI came to the conclusion that the bank had violated the instructions or guidelines issued, from time to time, which warranted imposition of monetary penalty on it

  • Toilets made mandatory to contest panchayat polls in Bihar 


    Toilets made mandatory to contest panchayat polls in Bihar

    The Bihar legislative Assembly passed a legislation incorporating a provision making it mandatory for candidates contesting panchayat polls in Bihar to have toilets at their houses. The provision has been incorporated in the Bihar Panchayat Raj (Amendment) Bill, 2015 which was passed by the Assembly by a voice vote . 

    The candidates desiring to contest panchayat polls from January 21, 2016, must have toilets at their households. It has been noted that people in rural areas, including women, have to go in open areas to relieve themselves due to lack of toilets at their households which lead to pollution so this move by the Bihar govt can bring a change .

    Other key bills passed by the Bihar Govt :

    • Bihar State Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2015  
    • Aryabhatta Knowledge University Bill, 2015
  • Bus service to Nepal resumes after 27 years


    Bus service to Nepal resumes after 27 years

    In the midst of uneasiness in India-Nepal relations, a friendship bus service between India and Nepal via Champawat in Uttarakhand resumed today after a gap of 27 years. The service had been suspended 27 years back in the wake of the Indo-Nepal Trade and Transit Treaty . 

    Resumption of the service between the two countries after its prolonged suspension has been welcomed by locals on either side of the border . The resumed bus service will run regularly between Kanchanpur in Nepal close to Banbasa border in Champavat district of Uttarakhand and Anand Vihar, Delhi 

    Importance of the resumed bus service :

    About eight to ten thousand Nepalis travel in these buses on a daily basis from Kanchanpur district, Dandel Dhura, Voti, Sapen, Acham, Kalali, Jagbuddha and Siddhartha Nagar areas in Nepal. People on both sides of the border have family as well as trade relations with each other.

    Key Facts :

    • The buses are air conditioned with Indian and Nepalese flags painted on their bodies, they will enter the Nepalese district of Kanchanpur at 6 AM every day and start for Delhi from there at 6 PM every evening.
    • No special documents are required to travel in these buses which provides free wi-fi connectiviy and a bottle of mineral water for free to the passengers.

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