Current Affairs, News & Facts of 24 Oct 2013

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  • Astronomers discover the most distant galaxy (z8_GND_5296) till date...
    • The galaxy, created within 700 million years after the Big Bang, has been observed by the researchers as it was 13 billion light years ago.
    • It forms around 300 Sun-like stars every year in comparison to just 2-3 by our own galaxy 'Milky Way'.
    • The researchers estimate its present distance to be roughly 30 billion light years away as the universe has been constantly expanding since inception.
  • World marks 68th birthday of the United Nations on October 24, 2013. The day known as 'UN Day' has been celebrated as such since 1948. The theme for this (66th UN Day) year is "Partnership for Global Progress".
  • The Reserve Bank of India constitutes GIRO Advisory Group (GAG) to implement a national bill payment system that will enable households to pay utility bills, school fees, remittances and other bills using their bank accounts.
  • Supreme Court rules nation's highest-ever (Rs 5.96 crore) compensation in medical negligence to US based NRI Kunal Saha; Orders Kolkata based AMRI Hospital and 3 other doctors to pay the sum with interest to the NRI who lost his wife in 1998 owing to their laxity. - read more cat
  • World observes 41st 'World Development Information Day' on October 24, 2013. It is annually held to draw the attention of worldwide public opinion to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them.  
    • It was adopted by the UN General Assembly as resolution number 3038 passed on December 19, 1972.
    • The day (Oct 24) was deliberately chosen to coincide with United Nations Day to stress the central role of development in the UN's work. 
  • Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to export indigenously developed sonars to Myanmar.
  • World observes 'World Polio Day' on October 24; resolves to eliminate it totally from the face of the globe.  
    • There are presently only three countries on planet namely Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan where transmission of indigenous wild poliovirus is still on; resulting in spread of fresh polio cases.
    • World Polio Day was established by Rotary International over a decade ago to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk, who led the first team to develop a vaccine against poliomyelitis.

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