Current Affairs, News & Facts of 25 Jun 2016

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  • Russian ice Hockey player Artemi Panarin wins 2015-16 Calder Memorial Trophy  

    Russian ice Hockey player Artemi Panarin wins 2015-16 Calder Memorial TrophyArtemi Panarin (24), the Russian professional ice hockey winger has won the Calder Memorial Trophy for season 2015-16.  

    He was presented with this prestigious award at the US National Hockey League (NHL) awards ceremony.

    Calder Memorial Trophy

    It is an annual award given to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League (NHL).

    The Calder Memorial Trophy is named in honour of Frank Calder, the former President of the National Hockey League (NHL) from its inception in 1917 to his death in 1943.

    The winner is selected in a poll of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association at the end of the regular season after which the trophy is awarded at the NHL Awards ceremony after the playoffs.

  • Scientists make world's first 1,000-processor microchip named Kilo-core

    Scientists make world's first 1,000-processor microchip named Kilo-coreA team of scientists from the US has created the world's first microchip that has 1,000  independent programmable processors, capable of working through 1.78 trillion instructions every second.

    Since each 1,000 processors can run independently, it makes the chip supremely suited to intensive tasks like encryption and weather forecasting. It is about 100 times more efficient at executing instructions than the laptops of today. 

    The microchip is the world’s first 1,000-processor chip and it is the highest clock-rate processor ever designed in a university.

    Facts to know about Kilo-core : 

    • The microchip has been designed by a team at the University of California, Davis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    • It has a maximum computation rate of 1.78 trillion instructions per second and contains 621 million transistors. 
    • Fabricated by IBM using their 32nm CMOS technology, KiloCore chip's each processor core can run its own small programme independently of the others.
    • It is the most energy-efficient chip which can execute around 115 billion instructions per second by dissipating only 0.7 Watts of energy. 
  • China sets up first dark sky reserve in Tibet to limit light pollution

    China sets up first dark sky reserve in Tibet to limit light pollutionChina has  launched its first “dark sky reserve” for astronomical observation in the Tibetan prefecture of Ngari, bordering Nepal and India.

    It was jointly launched by the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation and the regional government of Tibet.

    Facts Ngari Dark-sky reserve:

    The reserve covers an area of 2,500 and aims to limit light pollution by stepping up protection of dark-sky resources for education and tourism development.

    The reserve will also try to seek accreditation from the International Dark-Sky Association, a nonprofit organisation based in the United States that is devoted to preserving and protecting the night time environment and dark skies globally. 

    Ngari in Tibet is among the best sites for astronomical observation on earth, due to its high altitude and large number of cloudless days throughout the year. However, the recent inflow of people from other areas has given rise to increasing urbanization, and thus the associated risk of more light pollution.

    What is Light pollution? 

    Light pollution, also known as photopollution or luminous pollution, is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light.  Too much light pollution has consequences: it washes out starlight in the night sky, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems, has adverse health effects and wastes energy.

  • Neil O'Brien, India's first quizmaster, dies

    Neil O'Brien, the pioneer of quizzing in India,  passed away at his home in Kolkata, West Bengal. He was 82.

    He was the  former member of Lok Sabha and also a three-time nominated Anglo-Indian MLA in West Bengal and an educationist.His son Derek O’Brien is the MP and vice president of TMC.

    Facts about Neil O’Brien :

    He was one of the first quiz masters in India and had conducted the first well-organised, formal quiz in 1967 at Christ the King Church Parish Hall in the city.  He was the president-in-chief of All-India Anglo-Indian Association (AIAIA).

    He was the chairman of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and managing director of Oxford University Press, India.

    As a leader of the Anglo-Indian community, he was the president-in-chief of All-India Anglo-Indian Association and headed the Frank Anthony group of schools.

  • Union Government launches India’s first pilot programme to run two wheelers on CNG in New Delhi

    Union Government launches India’s first pilot programme to run two wheelers on CNG in New DelhiCentral government has launched a first of its kind pilot programme in the country to run two wheelers on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in New Delhi.

    The project was jointly launched by Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar at the CGO Complex CNG station.

    Facts about the project :

    • It is being implemented by Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) under its “Hawa Badlo” movement along with GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited).
    • Under the project 50 Honda's Activa scooters have been retrofitted with CNG kit, manufactured by ITuk Manufacturing India in the pilot phase.
    • CNG-run two-wheelers will not only emit 75 per cent lesser hydrocarbons as compared to petrol-driven models, but would be more economical to run as CNG is cheaper compared to petrol.

    Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)

    • Indraprastha Gas Limited started as a joint venture between GAIL and Bharat Petroleum in 1998 to take over and operate the Delhi City Gas Distribution Project from GAIL for laying a network of gas distribution pipelines in the NCR.
    • Currently it is  the sole supplier of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG) in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad.
  • India, Switzerland enhance cooperation in skill development

    India, Switzerland enhance cooperation in skill developmentIndia and Switzerland have signed an agreement to establish formal cooperation in the fields of skills development and vocational and professional education and training.

    The agreement was signed between Switzerland’s State Secretary Mauro Dell’ Ambrogio and Union Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Rajiv Pratap Rudy in Winterthur.

    The agreement is consistent with the strategy of the Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) on international cooperation in vocational and professional education and training. 

  • Sri Lanka's parliament approves Right to Information bill

    Sri Lanka's parliament approves Right to Information billSri Lankan Parliament has unanimously passed the Right to Information bill aimed at restoring transparency and good governance in a country plagued by corruption and misrule.

    The RTI bill will allow the public to get information on public officials thus make changes in a moderate way to uphold good governance and the state functions.

    Key Features of the bill 

    • The bill was originally introduced in 1996, but was delayed by successive governments citing national security issues as Sri Lanka was at war with Tamil rebels until 2009.
    • The new law gives gives citizens access to public information except personal data, national security information, financial and commercial policy decisions, intellectual property and medical reports.
    • A five-member Right to Information Commission will monitor and ensure compliance and will have powers to hold inquiries and hear appeals.
  • ADB approves USD 500-million loan for river bridge in Bihar

    ADB approves USD 500-million loan for river bridge in BiharAsian Development Bank (ADB) has approved USD 500 million (approximately Rs 3350 crore) loan for constructing 9.8 km road bridge across river Ganga in Bihar.

    On completion of the project it will be the India’s longest river bridge. Once built, the bridge will be country’s longest river bridge.

    The bridge would provide vital transport links between the northern and southern parts of the state and with neighbouring country Nepal.

    About the Project:

    • The project will run for about 4 years and is expected to complete by the end of December 2020.The bridge is expected to benefit over nine million or ninety lakh people looking for job opportunities on both the sides of bridge.
    • Traffic volumes are rising but there are only four operational bridges along the 200 km stretch of the river Ganga that pass through Bihar. The capacity of existing bridges is already stretched, undermining connectivity and access to opportunities for northern communities.
    • The new bridge would serve as an alternate route to the existing Ganga Bridge, which has begun to deteriorate. The project is also expected to be linked to national highway network.
    • The height and length have been designed to minimize impacts on the river itself and to ensure the bridge is able to withstand climate-related stresses such as a rise in the water level.

    Asian Development Bank (ADB) : It is a regional development bank established on 19 December 1966 which is headquartered in Manila, Philippines. It aims to promote social and economic development in Asia. From 31 members at its establishment, ADB now has 67 members, of which 48 are from within Asia and the Pacific and 19 outside.


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