Current Affairs, News & Facts of 28 Mar 2014

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  • UN general assembly declares Russian annexation of Crimea illegal.  
    • 58 countries including India abstained from the vote.
    • The vote saw only 11 nations supporting the Russian move while 100 were against.
    • Unlike the Security Council, Resolutions in the General Assembly are not legally binding.
  • West Zone captures the 3rd consecutive 'Deodhar Trophy' beating North Zone by 133 runs in the final of 2013-14 edition.  
    • The trophy, originated in 1973-74, is named after the so called 'Grand Old Man of Indian cricket' DB Deodhar.
    • The annual one-day competition is played among the 5 zonal teams - North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone and Central Zone.
  • Google has been fined Rs 1 Crore by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for unfair trade practices.    
    • CCI is probing a complaint against the internet giant by and Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS).
    • The charge accuses it of abusing its clout in the markets of online search and search advertising. 
    • CCI has also ordered Google to furnish the required documents and information asked.
  • UN approves international probe into alleged war crimes committed during Sri Lanka's civil war that ended in 2009 with complete annihilation of rebel LTTE.   
    • The enquiry will primarily focus on the carnage at the end of the military campaign in 2009 which is thought to claim of as many as 40,000 civilian lives.
  • Jammu and Kashmir becomes the first state in the country to declare all election booths as No Smoking Areas in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.  
  • Japan frees Iwao Hakamada, the longest-serving death row inmate in the world.  
    • The court suspended his death sentence ordering a retrial as it found possible fabrication in the evidence by the investigators.
    • He, convicted in the murder of a family in 1966, had not been executed so far due to lengthy appeals process.
  • About 7 million people died in 2012 as a result of air pollution exposure: World Health Organization 
  • Former Indian captain Jude Felix has been appointed as the coach of the senior men's national hockey team.   
    • He, who replaces Bhaskaran as such, will work under Chief Coach Terry Walsh.
  • Indian archaeologists claim to have discovered the largest Harappan site at Rakhigarhi in Hisar district, Haryana.  
    • At present, Mohenjo-daro (with an area of almost 300 hectares) in Pakistan is the largest among the 2,000 Harappan sites discovered.
    • The researcher recently found two additional mounds there, apart from the existing 7, which extends the total area of the site to about 350 hectares.
  • Philippines inks peace agreement with Muslim rebels. - read more cat

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