Current Affairs, News & Facts of 30 Dec 2013

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  • South African allroundeJacques Kallis becomes third highest run getter in Test Cricket when he surpassed Rahul Dravid by one run to reach 13,289 in last match of his career.

    Highest : Sachin Tendulkar (15921 runs) ; 2nd Highest: Ricky Ponting (13,378)

    His Batting average of 55.37 is the second highest after Kumar Sangakkara's 56.98, among batsmen with at least 10,000 Test runs.

  • Twin Terrorist Strike in Russian city of Volgograd by the Chechen Separatist millitants. The terror strike comes just weeks away from 21st Winter Olympics to be held in Russian city of Sochi.

    The rebels (currently lead by Doku Umarov ) are fighting for a independent Islamic state of Republic of Chechenya.

  • Constitutional Council of France okays "Millionaire's Tax"- 50% tax (on companies not individuals) on part of the wage exceeding 1million Euro/year.

    a maximum cap of 5% of companies' turnover has been kept.

    Constitutional Court of France : constituted of judges and former Presidents of France, it vets the constitutional validity of any Law made by French Parliament and has power to even annul it if found violating constitution in their view.

  • Indian History Congress holds its 74th meet at Cuttak, Odisha.
  • 726 MW Palatana gas based power plant (India's only plant to be certified as "Green Power Project") in south Tripura to soon restart producing electricity following a technical snag in June 2013.

     Its a joint Venture of ONGC and Tripura government and will supply electricity to Bangladesh following a deal between the two governments.

  • Census 2011 figures on Number of Disabled person in India : 26.8million / 2.21% of population (2001 figures: 21.9million /2.13 % of population). Definition takes in to account 8 types of disabilities including mental illness.

    Men - 14.9 million (55.9% of total) ; Women- 11.8million (44.1%)

    Rural areas : 18 million ; Urban: 8.1million

    Percentage of Men with disabilities 2.41% (i.e of total male population) ; women- 2.01%


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