China hosts first BRICS Media Summit for Cooperation

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China is hosting the first ever "BRICS media summit" which is an  initiative for creating an alternative media platform for the emerging economies. China’s news agency Xinhua is hosting the summit. The summit will be attended by the leaders of 25 media groups from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Organisers of the summit :-

The idea to hold such a summit was first proposed by Xinhua (China’s news agency) and the summit is jointly organised by Brazil Communication Company, Russia Today International News Agency, The Hindu Group and South Africa's Independent Media.

Goal and theme of the summit :-

Theme of the summit :-  "Innovation, Development, Cooperation and Trust," 

  • The summit will include forums on topics such as media's role in promoting a closer international partnerships, deepening BRICS media exchanges and cooperation as well as how traditional and new media complement each other and diverge.
  • They will also discuss the possibility of joint efforts in the development of information technologies and rules to be used for media projects among the BRICS members.
  • The deliberations at the summit will also yield an agenda-setting consensus among the BRICS media on coordinating the coverage of G-20 summits, in tune with the priorities of the emerging economies.

It recommended the formation of a liaison office for BRICS Media Summit, which will become an executive body responsible for the daily contact of the presidium members, as well as the organisation and coordination of the Summit. It also proposed the formation of a BRICS Media Foundation, supporting and protecting journalists belonging to the grouping

Brazil's 4D Project :-

  • Brazil will present at the summit its 4D  (Digital, Development, Diversity, Democracy) project, a transmission system that aims to bring digital TV and the Internet to Brazil’s least developed regions. The 4D project will be rolled out in Brazil in October 2016, and is expected to replace traditional Internet services in certain areas.
  • The technology has been developed by the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro and has already been distributed to countries in Latin America, and it is also being used in Botswana

Significance of the summit :-

The BRICS media summit would act as a platform for BRICS media groups to know each other better to realise their strengths, challenges, potential, and commonalties as well diversities and  understand where they need to improve.


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