Equal Prize money for Medalist : Disabled or Normal

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Disabled medalist commands as much reward as normal sportsperson. 

And Sports Ministry seem to have finally understood that basic concept. 

Disabled medal winners will hereon get the same quantum of Award Money as the normal recipients.

In another notable revision, Sports Ministry has also hiked the prize money for Medal Winners and their coaches for performance in international events.

Fine Prints

  • For Olympic Games (summer and winter) : Gold Medal: Rs 75 lakhs from earlier 50 lakh, Silver Medal: Rs 50 lakhs from earlier 30 lakh, Bronze Medal: Rs 30 lakhs from earlier 20 lakh.
  • For Asian Games and Commonwealth: Gold Medal: Rs 30 lakhs from earlier 20 lakh, Silver Medal: Rs 20 lakhs from earlier 10 lakh, Bronze Medal: Rs 10 lakhs from earlier 6 lakh.
  • Medal winners of Paralympic Games (summer & winter) will be treated on par with the Olympics.
  • While the same hold true for handicap version of Asian Games and Commonwealth Games - which are 'para-Asian Games' and Commonwealth Games (Para-Athletes).
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