Government plans to start work on 19 new Nuclear Power Reactors in 12th plan period

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Government has reiterated its stand to expand civil nuclear energy sector of India by increasing the number of nuclear power plants in the country and plans to start work on 19 new projects in the XII Five year plan period (as proposed in the Plan). Currently 20 nuclear power reactors ( total installed capacity- 4780 MW) are in operation and 7 are at various stages of construction/commissioning.

  • planned to be set up in -  Haryana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.  
  • The Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) work will have to be accomplished by the respective states in accordance with its laws and policies.





 Capacity (MW)

Indigenous Reactors

Gorakhpur 1&2 (i.e. Unit 1 and 2)

Gorakhpur, Haryana


(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors)

- Uranium based fuel

2 x 700

(i.e 2 units of 700 MW each)

Chutka 1&2

Chutka, Madhya Pradesh

2 x 700

Mahi Banswara, 1&2

Mahi Banswara, Rajasthan

2 x 700

Kaiga 5&6

Kaiga, Karnataka

2 x 700

FBR 1&2

Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu


(Fast Breeder Reactors)

- Plutonium and Uranium based fuel

2 x 500


Location to be decided


(Advanced Heavy Water Reactor)

-enriched Uranium/ Plutonium and Thorium based fuel)


Reactors with International Co-operation

Kudankulam 3&4

Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu


(Light Water Reactors)

- enriched Uranium based fuel

- imported

2 x 1000

Jaitapur 1&2

Jaitapur, Maharashtra

2 x 1650

Kovvada, 1&2

Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh

2 x 1500

Chhaya Mithi Virdi, 1&2

Chhaya Mithi Virdi, Gujarat

2 x 1100


































ALL Planned/ Proposed or at Conception level Nuclear projects in India (including that of 12th five year plan) : according to WORLD NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION 

Kudankulam   unit 3-8,  Tamil Nadu
Jaitapur          unit 1-6,  Maharashtra
Kaiga              unit 5-6,  Karnataka
Kumhariya             1-4,  Haryana (Fatehabad district)
Chutka                   1-4,  Madhya Pradesh
Bheempur              1-2, Madhya Pradesh
Banswada,                     Rajasthan
Kalpakkam             2-3, Tamil Nadu
Rajauli,                            Bihar
Markandi                         Orissa (Pati Sonapur)
Mithi Virdi               1-6,  Gujarat (Saurashtra region)
Kovvada                 1-6,  Andhra PradeshSrikakulam,
Nizampatnam         1-6,  Andhra Pradesh, Guntur
Pulivendula,                   Andhra Pradesh, Kadapa
Haripur                   1-4, West Bengal.

NOTE : Some of them are at pre-conception and planning stage only and may be abandoned if not found technically feasible (eg. site at Rajauli in Bihar has water availability issues) or due to strategic, geopolitical, international and domestic issues (eg. non- cooperation of West bengal government for Haripura plant ; protests by villagers against Jaitapur and expansion of Kudankulam projects).

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