India 140th in world in freedom of the press

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India retains a dismal 140th rank among 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index 2014 which has been topped once again by the Finland.

Points to Note

  • The report, published by Paris-based organisation 'Reporters without Border', cites violence to muzzle free speech both by state and non-state actors as a grave concern in India.
  • Finland has topped the Ranking followed by Netherland and Norway (same trio as last year). 

Observance on India

  • India in general has a grave challenge to reduce the violence and censorship against free speech but Kashmir and Chhattisgarh stand out in particular where violence and censorship are at worst.
  • This is in tune with the global environment where conflicts and media freedom have been found to be in negative correlation (inversely proportional).

The Index is based on:

  • Assessment of the countries' press freedom records in the previous year,
  • Degree of freedom that journalists, news organizations, and netizens enjoy, 
  • Efforts made by the authorities to respect and ensure respect for this freedom. 
  • It however do not reflect country's quality of journalism or its human rights violations record .
  • It also does not take in to account any country's political system (like democracy, monarchy). 

Top 5

  • Finland: 1st 
  • Netherlands: 2nd
  • Norway: 3rd 
  • Luxembourg: 4th 
  • Andorra: 5th

Bottom 5

  • Eritrea: 180th
  • North Korea: 179th
  • Turkmenistan: 178th
  • Syria: 177th
  • Somalia: 176th

The bottom 3 are there for the last 4 years

Major Countries

  • Germany: 14th
  • Japan: 59th
  • UK: 33rd
  • US: 46th (a drop of 14th position from last year's 32nd)


  • South Africa: 42nd 
  • Brazil: 111th
  • India: 140th
  • Russia 148th
  • China: 175th

Our Neighbours

  • Pakistan: 158th
  • Nepal 120th
  • Myanmar: 145th
  • Sri Lanka: 165th
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