India and Pakistan resume dialogue : Announces "Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue"

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Seven years after the deadliest 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks,  India and Pakistan have agreed to resume structured dialogue between them by announcing the commencement of a 10-point comprehensive bilateral dialogue (CBD).  

10-point comprehensive bilateral dialogue (CBD) will replace earlier dialogue process that was known as Composite Dialogue Process (CDP) and later also known as Resumed Dialogue.

The decision to commence comprehensive bilateral dialogue was issued through a  joint statement that came after a meeting between External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Pakistan Prime Minister's Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz in Islamabad.

Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue (CBD) focuses on 10 points :

  1. Peace and security, confidence building measures
  2. Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Siachen
  4. Sir Creek
  5. Wullar Barrage/Tulbul Project
  6. Economic and commercial cooperation
  7. Counter-terrorism, narcotics control
  8. Humanitarian issues
  9. People-to-people exchanges
  10. Religious tourism

Apart from the eight points of earlier Composite Dialogue Process (CDP), the Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue (CBD) includes humanitarian issues and religious tourism in the agenda so that the peace process between both countries can be long lasting. The joint statement also covers some other key elements apart from the 10 points of  Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue (CBD) :

  • In a departure from the Ufa statement issued in July 2015, that had omitted the reference to Jammu and Kashmir, the joint statement has clarified that the dispute remains one of the issues for discussion.
  • India and Pakistan have decided to allow the NSAs to take over all issues of terrorism between the two sides.
  • Pakistant assures of it's Commitment to expedite Mumbai attacks trial

Note :- The India-Pakistan Composite Dialogue is rooted in the 1997 SAARC Summit at Male where Prime Ministers I.K. Gujral and Mr. Sharif agreed to create a Composite Dialogue Process (CDP). The CDP survived till 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai led to its suspension.


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