India's first CNG train roll out in Haryana

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India's first CNG train is off to a good start on the Rewari-Rohtak section in Haryana.

Indian Railway seems to be serious about reducing its carbon footprint by phasing out its dependence on conventional sources of energy like diesel which adds to greenhouse gas emission.

The move comes after creation of a new ‘Environment Management’ Directorate in Railway Board - another Green measure.

Another benefit is that it will also be cheaper than diesel.

Points to Note

  • The train is equipped with dual fuel system - meaning it can switch between using both diesel and CNG.
  • CNG - being an experimental fuel - will initially account for only 20 percent of overall fuel consumption.
  • Which will gradually be increased to around 50% in due time. 
  • The dual fuel system is the result of fumigation technology used by Railway in the 1400 HP engine of this particular train.
  • The 81 km distance between the two station 'Rewari and Rohtak - is expected to take about two hours. 
  • Another CNG-enabled train will soon be unveiled on Rewari-Bikaner route.


  • Railway plans to run more such CNG trains across the country to cut down on fuel-cost as well as carbon emission.
  • The CNG conversion technology is being further developed to increase its proportion in overall fuel to over 60%.
  • Switchover to LNG technology is also being planned as that will enable higher fuel carrying capacity.
  • Railway is also considering use of other alternative fuel like solar and wind energy to make the service more eco-friendly.
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