India to help build the largest ground telescope 'TMT'

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The scientists are building the most advanced and powerful optical telescope on the Earth and India is one of the partner country on the mega project.

The telescope, called "Thirty Metre Telescope" (TMT) owing to the size of its diameter, will come up at Mauna Kea, Hawaii in US.

Its being built by an international consortium consisting of institutions from the US, Canada, Japan, India and China.

The project is expected to be completed by 2023 with an estimated cost of Rs 1300 crore.

Why 30-metre..?

  • Science says "the larger the diameter the better it is".
  • However, practical factors like cost and available technology limits our flight of fancy.
  • The 30-metre choice is the best one can get in the available technology and cost.

Wow Factor !!

  • Its the first ground-based astronomy telescope designed with adaptive optics (AO) as an integral system element.
  • This will help it counter the influence of natural turbulence, faced by all ground-based observatories, which otherwise blurs the image quality and limits the power and accuracy of observation.
  • It boast of impressive spatial resolution - some ten times of the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Its also upto 100 times more powerful than any existing over-ground telescope.

How we are helping?

  • India will be a 10 percent partner in the project and 70 percent of its contributions will be "in kind". 
  • This will translate into 25 to 30 observing nights on the telescope for Indian scientists per year. 
  • This will help our scientists to find answer of some of the most fundamental questions in astrophysics.
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