Indo-Mexican scientist Dr Sanjaya Rajaram gets World Food Prize 2014

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India-born Mexican crop scientist Dr Sanjaya Rajaram is honoured with the coveted World Food Prize for the year 2014.

About the Laureate

  • He receives the $ 250,000 prize for his incredible contribution to global wheat production through developing around 480 varieties of disease-resistant wheat.
  • The revolutionary inventions are now feeding millions across the world every year.
  • The newly produced wheat-varieties have produced bumper yield across various climates and difficult growing conditions thanks to its tremendous adaptability.
  • They so far have been adopted by small-and large-scale farmers alike - in 51 countries across six continents.

About the Prize

  • The World Food Prize is the topmost global award recognizing the achievements of individuals who have contributed to human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.
  • The award, created in 1986, is a brainchild of Nobel Peace Prize (1970) laureate Dr Norman E Borlaug. 
  • He, widely considered as the 'The Father of the Green Revolution', was awarded the Nobel in honour of his contributions to world peace through increasing food supply.
  • The prize serves as a means to create role models to inspire others in this field.
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