Iraq gets a new President

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Fouad Massoum, a veteran Kurdish leader, has been elected as the President of Iraq.  

Points to Know

  • The war-torn country, with this, took another stride towards forming a unified government to take on the rampaging ISIS that controls Sunni-dominated territory of the country.
  • Under an informal power-sharing agreement, the role of president goes to a Kurd, speaker of parliament to a Sunni, and the position of prime minister to a Shiite.

About the Man

  • He succeeds his close aide Jalal Talabani as such.
  • Both have been the founding members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
  • He had served as the first prime minister of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region in 1992.
  • Much like India, President's post is largely ceremonial in Iraq and the executive power lies with PM.
  • Its to be seen that under the new unified regime who gets to replace Maliki as such.

Current Situation

  • The pro-Sunni militancy has split the Iraqi society down the middle along sectarian line.
  • Much of the fall-out is repercussion of pro-Shia regime of incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki whose ouster is certain now.
  • With much of Sunni land in its kitty and battle slowing into a stalemate, ISIS has started bombing campaign in the capital Baghdad - a Shia majority region.
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