Ordinance to put E-rickshaws back on roads

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Centre to bring ordinance to get E-rickshaws back on roads.

The ordinance will provide a quick relief to drivers of E-rickshaws and E-carts who had lost their livelihood following a Supreme Court ban.

The relevant bill - Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2014 - had been passed by the Lok Sabha, but Rajya Sabha was still to clear it.

These vehicles, without any regulatory framework, posed security threat earlier which will no longer be the case now as they become a part of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Why the ban?

  • Under the current form of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, no person can be granted a learner’s licence to drive a transport vehicle unless he has held the driving licence for a period of at least one year. 
  • As most of the E-rickshaw and e-Cart drivers lacked any such experience or license, they got into the crosshair of the law.


  • To remove this barrier, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways proposed an amendment to Section 7(1) of the motor Vehicles Act, 1988 through Ordinance.
  • It would enable the grant of driving licence for E-Rickshaw and E-Cart drivers holding LMV licence, without waiting for the prescribed one year period for transport vehicles. 


  • They have to be driven below the speed of 25 kms per hour and can not use engine with power over 2000 watts.
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