Satellite INSAT-3E falls out of commission

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Communications satellite INSAT-3E has finally been decommissioned by the ISRO days after it started to dwindle away to defunctness. The 3rd generation satellite, supposed to function for 15 years, could only last ten-and-a-half years. ISRO has already begun to migrate its users to other satellites.

Points to know

  • It was the 4th satellite (chronologically) launched in the INSAT-3 series of ISRO in September 2003.
  • It was developed to provide high-speed communication, Television, VSAT & Tele-education services.
  • It was studded with 36 transponders — 24 C-band and 12 extended C-band transponders.
  • It ran into trouble in 2009 which crippled its capacity to just 25 working transponders.

The Failure

  • The immediate reason was the unavailability of on-board oxidiser which had supposedly been used up.
  • Oxidiser along with fuel are mandatory to keep the satellites stationed over India (any given place). 
  • They also come handy in the day to day operations.
  • It is likely to be replaced with soon to be launched GSAT-16.
  • Now its going to be pushed into a higher orbit so as to safeguard other working spacecraft -transiting the space- from collision or damage.

INSAT (Indian National Satellite System)

  • A series of geo-stationary satellites launched by ISRO to serve the nation in the area of telecommunications, broadcasting, meteorology, and search and rescue operations.
  • INSAT, the largest domestic communication system in the Asia Pacific Region, has so far launched 21 satellites into space.
  • Eleven of them are still in operation.

The List

  • INSAT-1A
  • INSAT-1B
  • INSAT-1C
  • INSAT-1D
  • INSAT-2A
  • INSAT-2B: 
  • INSAT-2C
  • INSAT-2D

All the above satellites are defunct now!

All below satellites are still in operation (except INSAT-3E)...

  • INSAT-2E 
  • INSAT-3A
  • INSAT-3B
  • INSAT-3C
  • INSAT-3D
  • INSAT-3E : defunct
  • INSAT-4A
  • INSAT-4B
  • INSAT-4C
  • INSAT-4D
  • INSAT-4G
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