Superfluous sentence structure

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Superfluous sentence denotes that more than one word is used for a single meaning or two words are used for same meaning

Example:-She is my cousin sister

Explaination :- sister will not come with cousin because cousin means sister only cousin will be used

  • With bag and baggage use only bag and bagagage dont use "with"

Note :- After until,unless,least,forbid,prevent,prohbit,refuse,deny,dissuade,e.t.c dont use "not" because they are already negative

Example :- Until you dont apologise you will not be permitted to go outside 

Explaination :-Above sentence is wrong because "not" has been used

After these verbs don't use preposition :-

Dont use mutual with :- Friend,friendship,aggrement,contract,deal,interest instead use commom friend /contract/deal

With come across never use suddenly

Yesterday i suddenly came across with my friends

Explaination :- The above sentence is wrong because came across and suddenly has been used together 

As good as and equally can't  be used together

Example :- She is equally as  good as i am

Explaination:- Above sentence is wrong because As good as and equally has been used together

  1. Note1:-Never use passing marks and linking road only pass marks and link road will be used.
  2. Note 2:- Never write family members, Parliamentary members e.t.c but always write  Members of family/ Members of parliament
  3. Note 3:- Never use "Return back" because Return gives the meaning of back in itself
  4. Note 4:- Never use "again" with Repeat because Repeat means to do something again
  5. Note 5:-Never use english teacher, Hindi teacher, e.t.c but always use teacher of englidsh, teacher of Hindi
  6. Note 6:-Don't use lecturership the right word is lectureship
  7. Note 7:-Don't write during "the war period' or during the period of war but always write "during the war"
  8. Note 8:-Never use "again" with Reborn/Recast/Recall/Recede/Region/Reitrate/Rebuild/Repeat/Recapitulate
  9. Note 9:-Don't use back with Recall, Retreat,Rembuse,Return,Recapitulate,Recede
  10. Note10 :-Don't use final with conclusion
  11. Note 11:-Don't use service with funeral
  12. Note 12:-Dont use Kindly please with request
  13. Note 13:-Never use "by all' and universally" together because both gove the same meaning
  14. Note 14:-Never use cent percent but always use 100 %
  15. Note 14:-Never use according to me but always use "in my opinion'
  16. Note 15:- After the "reason' dont use "because "

Example :-The reason why he failed because he didn't study well

Explaination:- The above sentence is wrong as because has been used after reason

Example :-There is no place in this Compartment

Explaination:-Use "no room" instead of "no place"

  • Note 16:-Never use congratulation but always use congratulations

Questions Based on above rules:-

(1) Incorrect :- What to speak of milk even water was not there

Correction:-Not to speak of milk even water was not there

(2) Incorrect:-There is a little chance of rain forecast in future

Correction :-  Do not use  future

(3) Incorrect:-Will you please tell me the reason of an earthquake 

Correction:- Use Cause in place of reason

(4) Incorrect:- It is true fact 

Correction :- It is a fact

"What to do " is a wrong concept use "What am i to do "

(5) Incorrect :-Cricket is a gentleman's game

correction:-Use sport in place of game

(5) Incorrect :- I am contesting for a seat

correct:- I am contesting a seat

(6) Incorrect :-My watc h is in proper order

Correction:-My watch is in order

(7) Incorrect:-What to speak of helping me he did not even see me

Correction:-Not to speak of helping me he did not even see me

(8) Inocorrect:- There is no other alternative

Correction:- There is no alternative

(9) Incorrect:- She gave a very nice speech

Correction:-She made/delivered a very nice speech

(10) Incorrect: The train is behind due time

Correction:- The train is behind time

(11) Incorrect:- I took my admission without any problem

Correction:- I got my admission without any problem

(12) Incorrect: A piece of wood was swimming when he was on the brink of drowning

Correction:- Use floating in place of swimming

(13) Incorrect:- I told him a very good morning when i had seen him

Correction:- Use wished in place of told

(14) Incorrect:- I am a man of good principle

Correction:- I am a man of principle

(15) Incorrect:- My parents always speaks fluently to my friend whenever they come to my home

Correction :- Use talks in place of speaks

(16) Incorrect :- Except for your help i would not have been successful in my life. 

Correction:-  Use But for ( Without) in place of except

(17) Incorrect :- He is as greedy as cat

Correction:- Use wolf in place of cat

(18) Incorrect:-  Her face resembles to her father

Correction:- Do not use "to"

(19) Incorrect:- This post has been empty for many years

correction:- Use vacant in place of empty

(20) Incorrect:- I hope that he will not do it again

Correction:- Never use "that" after "hope"

(21) Incorrect:-I have given the examination recently so i am free now

Correction:- In place of given use taken/appeared

(22) Incorrect:- I have some important documents to be read

Correction:- Don't use important with document because document is always important

Words given below may look similar but they are entirely different

Interesting:- Quality


Present Members:- Condition

Members present:-Quantity









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