Toothpick Test- 32

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Toothpick Tests ????..........The idea is that student should solve the CSAT question using only Toothpick- No Pen, No Pencil, Nothing ! Solve the questions in your mind and then point the right answer using Toothpick (class room scenario).

This unique and innovative model to train you for CSAT questions is introduced by Civil Services Takshzila Academy, New Delhi and its primary aim is to train your mind to solve these type of questions quickly through shortcut techniques. In CSAT Paper "Time" is very precious and therefore such model will make you better prepared for the challenges. The more you do it, better you get.

"100 A DAY Challenge" : This is the classroom only program of Civil Services Takshzila Academy in which they conduct Toothpick Tests comprising 10 CSAT Questions which you need to solve using 'Toothpick' within prescribed Time limit. One who solves all questions correctly using No Pen and Pencil, Gets Rs. 100 as incentive !!!!! Each Day !!!!!!!

So, Take up the challenge !!! Put down your Pen and Paper ....solve the question and write the answer in the comment section of this page. Also discuss different shortcut methods /techniques that you applied while calculating in mind. Single question may have different shortcuts / techniques to be solved. So, let others know about it and appreciate.

Be honest to yourself...........Believe us it will help you a long way............

Question : Krish's age five years hence would be double that of her age ten years ago. Find his present age?

a) 25
b) 15
c) 20
d) 10

Important : write Your answers and method in the comment section of this page

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