UK: first country to legalize creation of babies from three people

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Britain's 'Lower House' has passed a historic law which allow parents borrow a much healthier mitochondria from a donor woman to boost the immunity of the resultant child.

The bill however needs to be passed by the Upper House to become a law.

The move is a life-saving one for babies having mothers with defective mitochondria.

The 3rd parent - a donor woman with healthy mitochondria - will eliminate the potential health deficiency arising out of the not-so-good mitochondria of the real mother.

How it works?

The baby will be made through IVF technology using Mitochondrial Donation Technique.

What is Mitochondrial Donation Technique?

  • It combines the DNA of the two parents with the healthy mitochondria of a donor woman.
  • The technique replaces defective mitochondria in the mother's egg with the healthy one donated by the donor woman.
  • The egg is then fertilized with the father's sperm.
  • This makes the child escape all the shortcomings arising out of defective mitochondria like brain damage, muscle wasting, heart failure and blindness.


  • Its the tiny compartment within the cell which convert the food we eat into usable energy.
  • This is the reason we call it 'powerhouse of the cell'.
  • It has its own DNA, but does not affect important characteristics of the resultant child like his appearance and other visible traits.

Why only women as donor?

  • Mitochondria are passed down only from the mother and father has no role in it.
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