UPSC 2013 prelims result and IFS 2013 prelims result

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Result of the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2013 held on 26 May 2013 are out now. Around 15000 candidates have succesfully cleared prelims. List of succesful candiates can be downloaded by clicking following link  UPSC 2013 prelims result

UPSC has also declared results of Indian Forest Services prelims. Around 1000 candidates have succesfully cleared prelims. List can be downloaded by clicking following link UPSC India Forest Service 2013 result

Few important dates for succesful candidates in these 2 examination

Important dates

Indian Administrative service

Indian Forest service

UPSC to upload DAF form 20 August 3 August
Fill DAF form online by 10 Sept. 20 August
Send printed DAF form bt 18 Sept. 30 August
Mains expected month 1st December 3rd October
Mains schedule available by 2-3 weeks before exam 2-3 weeks before exam


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