World's first robot lawyer ROSS hired by US law firm

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‘ROSS’ the world’s first artificial intelligence lawyer  has been employed by a US law firm BakerHostetler, which will use the robot to assist its various teams in legal research. The robot is built upon Watson, IBM's cognitive computer.

With the support of Watson's cognitive computing and natural language processing capabilities, Lawyers can ask ROSS their research question and which it will answer by reading through the law, gathered evidence, drawn inferences and returns highly relevant, evidence-based answers.

ROSS also monitors the law around the clock to notify users of new court decisions that can affect a case. It is programmed to continually learn from the lawyers who will in turn use it to bring back better results each time.

Background : US-based law firm-BakerHostetler- will license ROSS for use in its Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors' Rights team. The project to build ROSS, started in 2014 out of research at the University of Toronto to build an artificial intelligence legal research assistant to allow lawyers to enhance and scale their abilities. Just ten months after they began teaching ROSS bankruptcy law,  the company has been commercialising its first offering.

What cognitive computing? 

Cognitive computing  describes technology platforms that is based on the scientific disciplines of Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing.  It involves self-learning systems that use pattern recognition, data mining and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. The objective of cognitive computing is to build hardware/ software that helps to improve human decision-making.

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