Zuma gets another term as South Africa President

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It does not come as a surprise to know that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has continued its winning run by securing almost 62 percent of the votes in the South Africa Presidential election 2014. This ensures another 5-year term for the incumbent President Jacob Zuma.

The Electoral Outcome

  • The Democratic Alliance (DA) is at the 2nd spot with 22% of the votes; increasing its share by 5 percent over the 17 percent of 2009 election. 
  • Its core supporters are whites and South Africans of mixed race constituting less than 20 percent of nation’s population.
  • Its the only party, apart from ANC, to be in power in any of the nine provinces of the country.
  • Its ruling white-dominated 'Western Cape' since 2009 while rest 8 provinces are under ANC control.
  • The left-leaning Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party is in third place with 6%.
  • Its a breakaway faction of ANC led by expelled leader Julius Malema.

Key facts

  • It was the first general election since the death of Nelson Mandela - the country's first black president.
  • It was the first time the post-apartheid generation (born after 1994) exercised their franchise.

About the ANC

  • The "rainbow nation" has effectively been a one-party state since the ANC under Nelson Mandela, won South Africa’s first all-race election in 1994.
  • The anti-apartheid, pro-black majoritarian ANC is still reaping electoral benefits of its golden past. though the disenchantment is gradually growing.
  • The party, mired by corruption scandal and growing inequality, has seen its vote share down by few notches (over 3% less than last time 66%).
  • The growing disenchantment is seen as a result of government failure to provide employment and basic services. 
  • Even Zuma popularity has taken a beating following charges of corruption and rape against him in recent years.

The above data is based on 96% of the votes that has been counted. Since the remaining 4 percent are too little to have any meaningful bearing on the overall outcome, we can take the above result for granted.

List of Presidents of South Africa since 1994

  • Nelson Mandela: 1994-99
  • Thabo Mbeki: 1999-2008
  • Kgalema Motlanthe: 2008-09
  • Jacob Zuma: 2009 - Present

The rainbow nation is a strange case with not one or two but three capitals namely

  • Pretoria (executive)
  • Bloemfontein (judicial)
  • Cape Town (legislative)

None of the above is the largest city as that title is held by Johannesburg

Area: 1,221,037 square km (25th largest in the world)
Population (2013 estimate): 53 million (about half of Bihar)

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