Online registration

Users can register on our website through "Sign Up" page where they require to enter "Retrievable Password" protected 'Username' and their email-id which is verified for their validity. Successful registartion is completed post Captcha identification and Submission.


Paid Test : Registered users can access standard Model Test Papers for Civil Services, Banks, SSC and other exams from a number of established Coaching Institutions/ Individuals / Erewise Team at one place at the ease of a click and at a nominal charge.

We will provide gateway for your online transactions (online Banking, Debit Card, Credit Cards) which are required for providing following services online on our website:
1. User credit points (To buy the services online).
2. Sell various Coaching institute's Test/ Question Papers.
3. Sell our own Test /question Papers created by our team.

User credits (To buy the services online)

We will provide "Credit Packs" to user based on what amount they want to pay. After paying the amount Users will receive credit points in their accounts which can be used to purchase various question papers offered on our website. Once all credits are consumed by the users through various purchases, they can again buy more credit points by paying more.

Sell various coaching institute question papers

We will tie up with various coaching institute and present their question paper on our website. User will need to pay to get access to these Test papers. Requisite Amount, in terms of equivalent credit points will be deducted from the User's account. The proceeds will be shared between institute and us according to agreements of tie up.

Sell Our Own question papers prepared by our team

We will prepare the question papers and make it available to users who can pay and get access to these question papers on our website. These question papers will be solely prepared by our team based on their analysis.

Pricing Structure

Users can buy Credit packages with the following options:

CREDIT Points  Price
50  rs 50
100  rs 100
200  rs 200 
525  rs 500 
1050  rs 1000